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Departmental Profile - Physics

The Physics Department of VP & RPTP Science College was established together with the college in 1947.Professor A R Patel of this department bears the honor of being the only Indian to serve as editor of research journal ‘Solid State Physics - Volume 5’ published by the Academic Press, London.
In 1955, the department started PG teaching in Physics and continued till establishment of Physics Department of Sardar Patel University. It is a matter of pride that Prof. A R Patel, the head of our department became the first head of Physics Department of Sardar Patel University.Today there are 09 staff members in the department, out of which 05 are Ph.D. and  02 are M.Phil.
The faculties performing research in Theoretical condensed matter physics, Atomic & Molecular Physics, Thin film experimental physics, Solid state electronics, Radio Astrophysics etc. The students are often inspired and benefited by research career of our faculties.

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