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Alumni Association

 Aims and Objectives:

    • To create a sense of devotion and love for the alma mater.
    • To act as a connecting link between the past and present students of the college.
    • To prepare and maintain a register of its members.
    • To render all necessary and possible help for the employment of its members.
    • To render all advisory help to its members in scientific matters.
    • To extend financial assistance to deserving present and past students for educational purpose.
    • To do all other things which will help to create a sense of comradeship and brotherhood among its members.


    • The Principal, members of the staff of the college and past students who have kept at least two terms in this college may become ordinary members of OSA.
    • Ten co-opted members from outstanding personalities. The names be recommended by the managing committee in the general body meeting.

Classes of Membership:

    • Patrons : Any person, not an ordinary member, donating Rs. 10,000/- only or more may become Patron of this association.
    • Donor : Rs. between 5000/- and 10,000/-
    • Life member : Rs. 1,000/-
    • Ordinary member : Rs. 250/-

List Of Prominent Alumni:

No. Name Designation  
1. Dr. C. L. Patel Chairman Charutor Vidya Mandal
2. Pujya Jashbhai Saheb   Bhram Joyt
3. Dr. V. S. Patel Ex-Vice Chancellor S. P. U.
Director SICART
4. Pujya Bhagwatcharandas Swami   BAPS
5. Shri Prayasvin B. Patel MD Elecon Group
6. Prin. R. P. Patel Hon. Sec. Charutor Vidya Mandal
7. Dr. Sharad K. Patel   Gestro-intestine surgeon, USA
8. Pujya Swayamprakasdas Swami Doctor Swami BAPS
9. Dr. Bipinbhai Patel   EYE Surgeon

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