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Student Counseling

An educational institution is a major influence in a student's personal,social and intellectual development. Students need an environment that is secure, warm, caring and nurturing.Such an environment can promote the optimum development of students in all spheres-educational,vocational, personal,social,moral etc so that they turn out to be useful and productive citizens.

That is the reason why counseling is given a lot of importance in this college.We realize that students come here from very different backgrounds,many of them from regional language backgrounds,disadvantaged backgrounds and many first generation learners. Still many have come from different regions of the state.These students need constant,friendly and appropriate guidance to find their way in a new atmosphere.Therfore the college allots one teacher to a group of students[1:30] who meets them every Saturday at an alloted time.The students are free to talk to the counsellor whenever he/she feels the need to discuss any difficulties he/she may be facing.

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